You Can Always Trust a Boy Scout

K13 Parking Garage

The newly constructed Boy Scouts of America meeting and recreation center in Houston, Texas required an insulation between the parking garage and the conditioned office spaces above. Additionally, noise from garage traffic would transfer from the ceiling of the garage through the floors of the offices.
K-13 was chosen for its high R-value and superior noise reduction qualities. K-13 has an R-value of 3.8 per inch and an NRC of 1.05 at 3 inches. As an added benefit, K-13 is available in six standard colors, K-13 Tan was chosen to blend with the exterior color scheme of the building.
K-13 provides a uniform insulation coating, significantly reducing reverberation and heat loss /gain.
The monolithic coating of K-13 does not leave compressions or voids common with other types of insulations. Made from recycled cellulose fibers, K-13 is a completely safe and non-toxic material. Additionally, K-13 is highly flame resistant and does not contribute to mold growth.
Pre-engineered buildings, arenas, schools, restaurants, TV sound stages, and recording studios are just a few of the many types of projects that benefit from K-13 products.

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