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Thermospray of Lexington, Inc. becomes a member of the NFCA

Thermospray of Lexington Inc. is now a member of the National Fireproofing Contractors Association (NFCA). The NFCA represents contractors who install passive fireproofing products to protect building structural materials from fire, as required by building codes, and the manufactures and associates who provide those products. Next month, Thermospray will attend the 2018 NFCA Fireproofing Educational […]

You Can Always Trust a Boy Scout

K13 Parking Garage

The newly constructed Boy Scouts of America meeting and recreation center in Houston, Texas required an insulation between the parking garage and the conditioned office spaces above. Additionally, noise from garage traffic would transfer from the ceiling of the garage through the floors of the offices. K-13 was chosen for its high R-value and superior […]

Stunning transformation of an existing building


A stunning transformation of an existing building into the modern office. The open office design incorporates elements from the warehouse trend so prevalent in design currently. The exposed duct and concrete beams work in perfect harmony with the modern fixtures and furnishings. The juxtaposition of industrial and natural materials created a perfect opportunity to utilize K-13 Thermal & Acoustical Finish […]

Blue Sushi Saki

Blue Sushi Saki Grill Iron Works Hotel

Thermospray of Lexington applied gray K-13 spray-on acoustical insulation in a soon to open Blue Sushi Saki Grill in Indianapolis last week. The resilient fibers of K-13 cellulose insulation products absorb sounds rather than reflecting them. This reduces reverberation, making speech and music more intelligible. Noise is reduced and the ambient sound quality is greatly […]